Leah Roberge, OTH Hotels Resorts

Leah Roberge

As Chief Financial Officer, Leah Roberge is responsible for the Accounting and Finance discipline of the organization. Her focus is on developing and executing strategies that continue to advance the company’s corporate, property accounting and finance platforms which include financial reporting, planning, tax, internal audit, and procurement. Leah and her team are focused on building […]
Joshua Golforth

Joshua Goforth

As a Director of Financial Planning & Analysis for Our Town Hospitality, Joshua is responsible for overseeing the budgeting and forecasting process for the portfolio, diving into hotel analytics to help the operations team make informed decisions. Joshua oversees many of the technological applications that are utilized daily in the field and supports the overall […]

Brian Chu

As Regional Director of Finance at OTH, Brian Chu is responsible for the creation, execution and refinement of financial strategies designed to maximize profitability for OTH Hotels Resorts properties in Florida.